Project History

Current Projects


Home Server System

I recently got interested in Information Technology. With that, I wanted to create my own server system for a NAS, a PiHole (network-wide ad blocker), and other things like that.


Learn Python

I have programmed before with my course work, learning Java, C++, MATLAB, etc. But I want to learn Python for my own project purposes like the Home Sever and since it is said to be very easy and widely used, I think I should know the language.

Subset Projects

Motor Control Center Metering

  • Implementation of energy metering for designated Motor Control Centers
  • Programmed 10+ overload relays and 5+ VFDs for MCC equipment visualization
  • Utilized Ethernet/IP to record data and visualized using Pi Vision for the site
General MCC Image

Network Penetration Testing

  • Using to learn network hacking
  • Utilizing Parrot OS Linux distro in a Virtual Machine for various applications
  • External WiFi card for monitoring networks
Parrot OS Desktop

Previous Projects

Variable DC Power Supply

  • Designed printed circuit board from part specifications
  • Hand soldered components to PCB
  • Rigorous testing for correct behavior and safety
PCB Inside Housing

Current Transformer Monitoring

  • Drew CT diagram implementation with system PLC
  • Installation of CTs to high power temperature control motor units
  • Established CT visualization within server system
Current Transformer Physics

Analog/Digital Converter

  • Utilized multiple ICs for implementation
  • Team lead for construction
  • Lead troubleshooter
Converter with Arduino Microcontroller

GPS Tracking System

  • Team lead for organization and hardware research
  • Hand and soldered components
  • PCB Designer
Soldered PCB

I am a current student at Oklahoma State University. I am studying Electrical Engineering and am wanting to get into the renewable energy sector, specifically with power generation. I am going to be graduating December 2023.