I find that my purpose is to catalyze positive change through the interdisciplinary approach of electrical engineering, economics, and politics to harness the potential of renewable energy to empower communities and drive sustainable development. I strive to foster critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making while employing the principles of science to address the complex challenges of our time, and create a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Endeavor: Engineering Innovation Lab

Oklahoma State University

I studied at OSU for over four years. I will obtain my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in December, 2023. My focus was Power Systems and Renewable Energy. I took courses like Power Systems Analysis, Power Electronics, Computer Based Systems, Applied Fields and Waves, and many more. I also studied with the Spears School of Business to get a minor in Finance.


Francis Tuttle Technology Center

I studied at Francis Tuttle Technology Center for three years. This is a vocational school I went to in tandem with my High School. Here, I received my Engineering Certification in May 2019. I took my math and science courses here as well as engineering based electives like Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Digital Electronics, Aerospace Engineering, and more.

Francis Tuttle Technology Center: Danforth Campus

I am a current student at Oklahoma State University. I am studying Electrical Engineering and am wanting to get into the renewable energy sector, specifically with power generation. I am going to be graduating December 2023.